My Pilates Story – Michelle B. 4-18-2020

I have been lucky enough to attend private Pilates with Crishna for the last several years and my body feels so much healthier, stronger, and happier. I am continually impressed by the way Crishna modifies traditional Pilates moves in order to accommodate my body’s unique needs after multiple orthopedic surgeries. She consistently checks in with me about how my body feels doing new or harder movements and makes adjustments in the moment effortlessly. Crishna’s constant monitoring about proper body position and movement through space has not changed since our weekly sessions have gone digital. After our first “virtual” session, the pain in my back and neck were drastically improved as was my overall quality of sleep. I am so grateful for all the work Crishna puts into our sessions and am more appreciative now more than ever during this “stay home, stay healthy” period.

My Pilates Story – Kathy B 4-17-2020

I have done one-on-one Pilates with Crishna for over two years, and am now I’m depending on virtual one-on-one sessions during “safe distancing”. What I love about C is that she has gradually increased the strength of every muscle in my body! I had assumed that I just had to live with a number of age-related problems such as arthritis in my knees. But health problems I didn’t even expect to ever resolve have gone away! It has been a transformative experience for my health.

My Pilates Story – Orit Hickman 4-3-2020

As a physical therapist, I am the opposite of most — I really don’t like to exercise (that is an understatement). I don’t feel good when I sweat and don’t look forward to going to the gym. Which is why working out with Crishna has been such an important piece of my self care. I knew that if I invested in this I would stick to it — I just didn’t think that I would continue to do it. Now we are at least 9 months into this and I am definitely stronger than I ever have been (and that is with only working out 1 day per week), I gained my normal “winter weight” but stayed fitting in my clothing, and even with the onset of Covid-19 we have continued doing virtual trainings (which I hate even more than the reformer because I have to work so much harder) and continue to grunt and groan but after each session I am so thankful that I did the workout. Crishna approaches each session with me gently, she remembers what my individual concerns and pains are and works around all of it while also gently encouraging me to move into my restrictions. I am thankful that I started this and if I can continue this through a pandemic then nothing will stop me. Thank you Crishna!

My Pilates Story – Theresa S. 9-12-2018

I started working with Crishna Grelle over 5 years ago doing Pilates, and I then followed her to Lake Burien PT. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and wanted to improve my bone density. My mother had osteoporosis and suffered from compression fractures. The pain she experienced was something I didn’t want to experience. In the beginning, after Crishna evaluated my condition, she chose certain exercises especially for me. I look forward to working with her every week and also try to do a few exercises at home, which always includes walking. Crishna’s knowledge is amazing, and she always has our session all planned out ahead of time.

I have learned how to use my core, which is something I really didn’t use before. No one ever taught us that years ago in physical education class. This has been the most valuable thing I have learned from her and this has made me a much stronger person physically. Now I am able to do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do before, without injuring myself. I recommend Pilates to everyone. I know some of it doesn’t look like it’s very difficult, but just try it for yourself and you will see it is a great work out with physical benefits. It just makes me feel good, breathe deeper and stand taller.

My Pilates Story – Margaret S. 8-21-2018

I wanted to increase flexibility, my core strength and to build muscle to reduce stress. I had tried yoga with strength and core training. My Massage therapist, Crishna Grelle was also a Pilates instructor. I started training with her and all of my goals have been obtained and maintained.

Flexibility increased, core strength improved, muscle tone increased and stress was lowered. Crishna is an excellent instructor, adjusting my program in line with current circumstances, increasing length of training as I progressed and making allowances for my age and health when appropriate. She keeps me challenged, encourages continued growth and improvement. I recommend her highly and the caring atmosphere at Lake Burien Physical Therapy.

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