Is your back hurting you? Are you sitting too much? Are you afraid of hurting more? Then it’s time to move gently and with awareness!

An online, interactive mat class designed for those of us struggling with back pain or injury. Or for those wanting to strengthen and take better care of your backs. This class is very approachable for beginners or anyone wanting to tune up their Pilates. Designed to encourage correct core engagement and learning how to move without hurting. The class will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates (think core), with exercises for strengthening the back and stretches to lengthen tense, tight muscles.


  • Five Tuesday mornings @ 9am Dates: July 2, 9, 16,23, and 30, 2024.


Equipment needed:

  • Mat or towel, pillow

Once you have signed up and paid for the class you will receive a Zoom passcode for joining the class of your choice.

Call, text or email me if you have questions.

Crishna Grelle
[email protected]